Why the Best Funeral Homes Don't Win in Most Cases

Does the online experience define the quality of your funeral home?

Customers look online first before they reach out for services. 

  • Your digital presence can work against your reputation.
  • Free templates and quick-fix websites don't stand up to competition online.
  • The online experience is the first impression and often determines which funeral home a customer selects.


You can have online excellence that matches your in-person quality & extends your reputation digitally

Advanced marketing doesn't have to be only for big franchises, and it doesn't have to violate your values. Instead, you can have "Advanced Marketing with Heart" that will:

  • Extend your valuable reputation online
  • Ensure that people call you first, instead of a competitor
  • Win more preneeds and cremation cases by getting people engaged on your website



Advanced Marketing with Heart

Makes your digital presence match the quality of your in-person services, without having to hire staff, or add to the many jobs you already have.

  • Focus on cremation and preneeds
  • Compete with the big guys and the price cutters
  • Win more cases without resorting to tacky or intrusive strategies
elderly couple preplanning funeral costs

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We'll show you how others are winning online with cremation and preplanning.


Compare with Your Competition

Get an analysis of what your competition is doing, and how a new approach will help.


Plugiin the New System

You'll be surprised how quickly your new tools will begin raising awareness and reaching new families.

Get a Free Digital Analysis and Learn How the Hartway System Can Help

See the tools and resources being used to help other funeral homes become more successful, without violating their values. 

See Hartway in action
One of the ways we encourage you to nurture your client families is by offering them resources they can use to guide them in their journey. Take a look at how one funeral home is using a simple Guide to Sympathy Messages to offer value and build trust.
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What Others are Saying

The impact of the refreshed approach to my brand has been pretty amazing. It has created a buzz, and people are commenting wherever I go. Ads that we place are now getting noticed. Our business is up, and I am now really confident that people are going to remember our brand throughout the community.

-David Storke, Storke Funeral Homes

Hire Hartway and don’t look back!

David, Jennifer and the team at Hartway have TURBO-CHARGED our PreNeed lead generation, tracking and (most importantly) sales!

- Chris Tharp, Tharp Funeral Home

Meet with a Hartway Specialist

  • Pre-planning: Our tools will help you engage more families in preneeds planning.
  • Cremation: You'll be able to compete with the big franchises and the cost cutters using our tools.
  • Reputation Online: Your reputation is more than just the stars in Facebook or Google, it is the online experience people have on your website.